ODED MANOR – Biographic Note

I have lived, studied and worked in London, UK, since 1969. It is where I qualified professionally, obtained my PhD, and was married.

I was born in 1942, in Israel. The kibbutz where I grew up had many aspects. Receiving wonderful musical education, from an early age, was one aspect which had constantly enriched my life. During my adolescence I added photographing to my interests. Those parts of my education have continued in the ensuing years, and have also included brief periods of teaching music.

During my BA studies in Jerusalem I was active in meetings I organised to enhance Arab-Jewish relations. I also helped and participated in demonstrations against creating settlements in the West Bank. While in London, I was involved in anti-racist demonstrations and in various forums of the British Men’s Movement.

Professionally, I opted to develop group work within the statutory framework of British social work rather than in private practice. That choice reflected my view of the social role of such services. I became a practitioner, trainer, supervisor, and also an academic, in the areas of family work and even more so – group work. Later on, that included quite a number of publications, international assignments, and serving as the editor of the professional journal ‘Groupwork’. My practice followed mainly the systems approach.

Yes, the systemic focus, on the relationships between parts and whole, seems to be a theme that connects various areas of my life. My involvement in music, glasswork, and discovering digital photomontage – all revolve around that.

Since retiring I have also revived my interest in philosophy, translated poetry from Hebrew to English, and recently – have been writing the notes for the programmes of the annual Purbeck International Chamber Music Festival concerts at Swanage, Dorset.