Doors and Three-Dimensional Objects

Owing to Richard’s support, my confidence had grown, and so – I ventured into larger projects.

The two doors I made took a long time and a great deal of practical help from Richard. I wanted to use whatever technique helped, but had to ensure that the plates were sturdy enough to withstand the weight and pressure put on doors.

Large panels for the flat at Swanage were an exciting opportunity for me to go a little wild.

The three dimensional objects developed from reflecting on glass as simply one type of material – a product of sand mixed with minerals. Sand led my mind to the sea and the sea drifted into seeing the shells of shell fish. I then realised there was life inside those shells.

Somehow all these images led me to exploring glass cones with a glass plate inserted at their backs. Richard’s contributions of sandblasting the top of the cones and drilling holes in their bodies enabled me to pursue these ideas in some details and I am grateful to him for his knowledge, skill and dedication.