Street Art Photomontage

Welcome to one of the two parts forming my artworks collection. Here you will find photomontage pictures of street art.

Like many other photographers I go around east London – camera in hand. While there, I photograph street art drawings and paintings left by anonymous young people on dilapidated walls. I return home and load these unto my computer. Then, unlike documentary photographers, I treat these images as materials for new pictures. My aim is not so much to show each image as such. Instead, I am trying to combine the images so that together they form a picture that works as a whole. Combining photos in this way was called ‘photomontage’ in the past. Nowadays, many of us use the computer to do the same. The term ‘digital photomontage’ may describe the technology better. The software I use is the simple and friendly Microsoft ‘Paint’.

When enough of these pictures were finished, I started looking for words that might tune us in to that world of street art photomontage. Soon enough, the obvious surfaced – relying on words for grasping art is pretty hopeless. It then occurred to me that perhaps words had better chance of coming to life when already being part of art itself – as poems. Well, yes – pretty obvious too. I divided the pictures into three sections and introduced each by one poem.

I hope that, like me, you appreciate the chosen poems. Please remember that for all three – copyright remains with the author(s), editor(s) and publisher(s) as appropriate. Their moral rights have been asserted. Please respect their copyright and use this material only for private non-commercial purposes. For further information about copyright, please refer to the copyright statement on from which these poems were reproduced here.

The three sections are the following:



THE SPACE BETWEEN US: Towards the abstract

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