This other part of my Artworks collection is dedicated to my work with glass.

That work has been a continuous journey of discovery. In 2003 I retired from academic work and thought I would turn a new page – pursuing a long standing dream of working with glass. Luckily, I had already discovered a young man who had been running a class at Stoke Newington, called ‘Rainbow Glass Studios’. I asked him whether he would teach me – yes, from scratch. He said, ‘well – join in, see how it goes’. When retirement arrived I remembered his welcoming tone and joined in. Since then I have been coming to the workshop run by Richard Patten every week. With a great deal of his help, I have been learning various glasswork techniques. These included ‘fusing’ (binding pieces of glass to each other through heat inside a kiln), ‘leading’ (binding pieces of glass inside a frame made of lead) and ‘hand-painting’ (painting on glass which is then fired inside a kiln). At the bottom of each photograph I added the date and techniques used for each piece.

As most people know, glassworks are created for a particular purpose – as windows or door panels, as lampshades, as simply visual three-dimensional objects, and so on. Just to offer a simple guide to the various uses, I grouped my glassworks into four sections as follows:





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